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The objective of this book is to help knitters learn about their garter carriages and use them for more than baby blankets and afghans. The book uses a variety of Stitch World patterns, not just garter carriage ones, which are shown at the back of this book.

Learn how:
• the garter carriage works
• to solve common problems
• to change colours
• to add beads and cables
• to shape when using the garter carriage
• to do things you've been told that you can't

Patterns include:
• Gift Bag with Beads and Cables
• Gift Bag with Colour Ridges
• Dishcloth and Blankets
• Fringed Scarf and matching Hat with shaped crown
• Seaman's Scarf with matching Beanie and Toque
• Beaded Scarf with Ruffles
• GC Easy Peasy Wrap
• Bordered Pullover
• Paisley Jacket*
• Knockabout Jacket
• Cabled Vest*
• Lace-edged Boatneck
• Basic Cardigan in Men & Women's Sizes*
• Basic Vest in Men & Women's Sizes*
(*shown on the cover)

$22.95 includes shipping within North America

The Stitch World pattern numbers given in the 'Garter Carriage Knits' book are shown at the back of the book for easy reference. These numbers are from the Stitch World II book that comes with the Brother 940. Since this book was published I have matched some of the pattern numbers to the Stitch World III book that comes with the Brother 970.

Stitch World II Stitch World III
30 & 461 45
148 154
526 511
541 528
553 540
551 538
532 519
533 520
534 521
537 524

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