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These are three compilations of class notes that I have used many times when teaching over the years. I hope these books will be helpful to all machine knitters by explaining many of the techniques that are useful in knitting and finishing their knits.

Volume 1 has 10 topics with lots of hints and tips over 52 pages with 75 pictures. The topics included are:

1. Appliques: knit, fabric - 3 types, thread

2. Assembling Garments: edges, markers, shoulders, seaming, sleeves

3. Babies' Necklines: neckbands, 4 types of shoulder openings, raglan opening, slit, placket, boatneck

4. Blocking: different yarns and stitches, swatches, equipment, methods

5. Boatnecks: neck shaping, 10 neck finishes

6. Buttonholes: 12 types, single and double bed

7. Cardigan Bands: 12 different bands, single and double bed

8. Collars for Round Necklines: 5 methods for knitting flaps, 6 collars

9. Crew Neckbands: 8 different looks

10. Cut & Sew Necklines: interfacing, marking, sewing, knitting a basic neckband and how to sew it on

$22.95 includes shipping within North America

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