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I started beading in 2004 and since then it has become another obsession. Like machine knitting, it involves colour, texture and different stitches with lots of variety of items to create and methods to use. Like machine knitting, it requires a stash but this one is much smaller and sparklier but never has the right colour either.

This site is more an album for me to remember what I have beaded as so much of it is made as gifts. But feel free to look at my beaded creations. I will mention where I have used other people's patterns so you can obtain them if you wish. That is when I can remember whose pattern I started with. My sincere apologies if I have forgotten, I do not mean to imply that all the items are my originals and will add any designer names when I can.

Machine knitters who venture here must be warned that I was introduced to beadwork by another machine knitter and I have become totally addicted to tiny shiny beads.

I did take some lessons in the beginning but am mostly self-taught. My favourite stitch is peyote, especially shaped, 3-D and geometric peyote. As a result, my favourite beads are Delicas.


powerpuffneckpiecesm rawpuff

These pieces combine everything I love about beading. Each section of the Puff Rope and the Wheel were started with a round of MRAW which made it easy to work on and finish. To learn more about this technique check out "Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Volume 1 & 2" by Kate McKinnon.


The Vase had Elegant Guide Rounds worked on the body then embellished while the top edge was winged. The Zigged Parrot Tulips are from CGB Volume 1. The EGR is detailed in Volume 2.


This cute Koala basket was started with MRAW which was faced to create a firm upper edge. The design was based on a cross-stitch pattern by Carrol Nelson, carrolsx-stitch.com The bottom of the basket was woven as given in a pattern by Michelle Koelle, BeadHellion.