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This book contains basic patterns for mittens and socks in five sizes for the family, plus all the information you need to knit them to any size on any machine with any yarn. Socks and mittens are quick and easy to knit, ideal for beginners as they are great for practicing techniques, make lovely useful gifts, and are good for using up leftovers. With this book, it's easy to get a custom fit that is sure to please. Plus you can get quite creative with them.

The Mittens section contains:
• basic mittens with size chart
• custom mittens
• basic mitten with slot thumb
• basic mitten with gore thumb
• custom mitten with slot thumb
• custom mitten with gore thumb
• hints & tips for mittens
• doubled mittens
• mittens with finger flaps
• fingerless mittens

The Socks section contains:
• yarns for socks
• hints & tips for socks
• basic sock size chart
• basic sock knit from the foot up
• custom sock knit from the foot up
• custom sock diagram
• custom sock knit from the cuff down
• custom ribbed sock knit from cuff down
• sock variations
• custom sock records

$22.95 includes shipping within North America

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