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Links that you might find helpful and informative:

Burlington Machine Knitters Guild: dedicated to machine knitting education, inspiration and support.

Machine Knitting Resources for Canada: listings of dealers, clubs, seminars and for sale items.

Knit it Now: BT Yarns, Learning Library, Webinars and Pattern Library.

News & Views Magazine: lots of patterns, helpful articles, hints and more.

About Machine Knitting: tons and tons of wonderful information, including manuals for Brother and Silver Reed/Studio machines and accessories.

Sunny Choi: carries knitting machines, accessories and parts for Brother and Singer/Silver Reed in his ebay store.

Strickaschinen Onken: this German dealer carries items for different makes and lots of different gauges from 3.6 to 9.0 mm.

Softbyte: the site for information on the DesignaKnit program.

Distinctive Knits: good information on Artisan knitting machines and DesignaKnit.

Irene Woods: her Clearwater site has lots of good information for Studio LK150 users.

Girlfromauntie: informative guide to copyrights, written with a slant to knitting.

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