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This book contains the patterns and notes from the series of hands-on ribber workshops which I have taught many times. These hats and scarves were designed to teach how to use a ribber and the back bed together for some of the basic fabrics that can be knit. In this collection there are a variety of cast-ons, ribbed fabrics and bind-offs to help you learn to use this very valuable part of your knitting machine. The instructions are very detailed and are useful for anyone who owns a ribber with their standard gauge machine or wants to adapt them to their other gauge machines.

Table of Contents:
• General Tips
• Rib Cast-ons - 1x1, 2x1, 2x2, FNR
• Rib Bind-offs - loose, crochet, 4x4 rib, 1x1 tuck, backstitch
• Hat in 3x3 Rib
• Hats in 4x4 Rib
• Single and Double Tuck 1x1 Rib Hats
• Funnel in Tuck 1x1 Rib
• Patterned Tuck Rib Hat
• Cables & Ribs Hat
• Crossover 1x1 Ribbed Scarf
• Tuck 1x1 Rib Scarf
• Drop Lace Hat and Scarf in 1x1 Rib
• Racked Hat in 2x1 Rib
• Tucked Hat in 2x1 Rib
• Pick Rib Hat
• Tucked Hat in 2x2 Rib
• Wristlets in 2x2 Rib
• Scarf and Hat in Circular Rib
• Slip 2x2 Rib Hat
• Hat with Picked Up Floats
• Hat with Cabled Ribs
• Full-Needle Rib Hat
• Plated Rib Hat
• Drop Stitch Rib Scarf
• Drop Lace Rib Infinity Scarf
• Tucked Headband
• Ribbed Entrelac

$22.95 includes shipping within North America

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