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Combine this book with your creativity and imagination to knit unique Christmas stockings. They can be simple or fancy; silly or elegant; traditional or avant garde. There are no limits to the design possibilities!

This book has stockings made with five different construction methods for both single and double beds. The bodies and cuffs can be knit in a variety of stitches. Embellishments on these stockings are limited only by your imagination!

The cuffs can be knit in stocking stitch, fairisle, machine knit lace with or without contrast lining, ribbing (plain or fancy), mock rib, fabric or purchased lace, etc. The stockings may be finished with bobbles, embroidery, beads, sequins, flowers, ribbons, appliques, crayons, paints, glitter, miniature ornaments, bells, music buttons, miniature lights, etc. Just take a walk through a craft store and use your imagination!

There are eleven patterns in a variety of stitches and embellishments with lots of ideas for creating your own special stockings. There are also three pages of Christmas designs for you to use.

The Construction Methods:
(each in three sizes)

1. The Flat Stocking is the easiest with simple increases and decreases used to shape the foot.

2. The Cut & Sew Stocking is the one to choose when knitting a fabric where shaping would be time-consuming. It can be worked from the foot up or the cuff down.

3. The Stocking knit from the Foot Up is my favourite. Of the three shaped stockings, this is the easiest to knit. The shaping for the foot is completed before the main sections of the stocking are knit.

4. The Stocking knit from the Cuff Down is the most common method of shaping a stocking.

5. The Circular Stocking has the leg knit on two beds with the foot shaping done on the main bed. It is knit from the cuff down.

This 30-page book has a colour cover and spiral binding with detailed instructions, charts and diagrams.

Although these patterns were written for 4-ply yarns on Japanese and Chinese standard gauge punchcard or electronic machines, they can be easily adapted for use on mid-gauge or bulky machines.

$20.95 includes shipping within North America

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