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G.C. Lamb Preemie Blanket


G.C. is an adorable little lamb centred within a garter stitch border on a preemie-sized blanket.

Size: approx. 24" (61 cm) square.
Materials: 5.5 oz/150 g of Bramwell Roselan DK 100% acrylic.
Tension: 9.
Gauge: not important.
Pattern: 142 stitches x 248 rows in garter stitch with the Brother garter carriage. Download this .pat file into DesignaKnit, then transfer it into your machine.

• Cast on over 142 needles with the garter carriage set to MT-2.
• Knit 1 row to the right at MT-1.
• COR, RC000. At MT, knit in pattern to RC248.
• COR. Cut the yarn leaving a piece 3 times the width of the work and backstitch bind off.
• Block to size.

© Eileen Montgomery 2002

Download this file, unzip, and save to DAK Colpats

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