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Garter Carriage Seaman's Scarf #2


SW #537

SW #535

This scarf is knit in plain garter stitch with a section of 3x3 rib in the centre to hold it in place around the neck. It comes off the machine with only two yarn tails to sew in and does not even need blocking. Perfect for quick gifts.

Size: 10" x 43" (25 x 110 cm).
Materials: 3.5 oz/100 g of Bramwell 4-ply 100% acrylic.
Machine: Brother garter carriage.
Tension: 8.

Note: On the 940 use Stitch World #537 for the garter stitch and #535 for the 3x3 rib but on the 970 use #524 for garter stitch and #522 for 3x3 rib.

• Cast on with the garter carriage over L30-R33 at T7.
• COL, RC000. At T8, with Stitch World #537 (plain garter stitch), knit to RC200.
• COL. With Stitch World #535 (3x3 rib pattern), knit 160 rows to RC360.
• COL. With Stitch World #537 (plain garter stitch), knit 201 rows to RC561.
• COR. Cut the yarn leaving a tail 3x the width. Backstitch bind off.

© Eileen Montgomery 2002

The DAK file was generously supplied by Peggy Phillips. Simply set the garter carriage to knit for 560 rows.

Download this file, unzip and save to DAK Colpats

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