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Freebies - Hints & Tips


To use large decorative buttons without having to make large unattractive buttonholes:
• Sew a small button to the back of a large button with the right-hand band of your garment sandwiched in between. Be sure to have a thread shank between the small button and the back of the band.
• Work buttonholes in the left band to fit the small buttons.
• Button the small buttons into the buttonholes.

To make buttons to use on a reversible garment:
• Work buttonholes in both the bands to fit the buttons snugly. (Note on the sample above, there is no buttonhole on the second side of the band.)
• Join two buttons together leaving a large thread shank between them.
• Place in the buttonholes on the left of whichever side you are wearing.
• Make an extra pair of buttons as these are easy to lose if the buttonholes stretch with wear.

© Eileen Montgomery 2002

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