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Cast-on Strip

These strips of waste fabric can be used in most patterns and places where the directions say to cast on with waste yarn and ravel cord.

Use these strips for casting on with either open or closed stitches, for multiple increases, or to protect stitches in hold position. They provide something to hang weights onto when you want to go into a tuck or lace pattern immediately after casting on. The open stitches held on the strips can be picked up and knit onto in the other direction.

Hang the cast-on strip on the desired number of needles and knit one row of ravel cord. This is vital for easy removal or you will have to cut the strip to remove it. After the row of ravel cord, either knit straight on or for closed stitches work an e-wrap or crochet cast-on.

• Knit the bias strips with acrylic or cotton. Crochet cast on from right to left over 15 stitches on the very right-hand side of the needlebed. Place the carriage on the left. Set the russel levers to II to knit down from D position. Knit 2 rows at main tension. [Be sure to pass the row counter on each row.] Two rows are needed for every loop desired in the length of the strip.

• With the carriage on the left, set the row counter to 000. *Pull the first empty needle on the left, next to the carriage, into D position. This will create the loop from which the finished strip will be hung. On the same row, decrease the edge stitch on the right. Knit 2 rows.*

• Knit * to * for twice as many rows as the number of needles you want the strip to fit over. Carriage on the left, knit 1 row to the right at maximum tension and crochet bind off.

• Sew in the ends. Press to kill the acrylic to make the strip easier to handle.

Make the cast-on strips in 150/200-loop lengths to fit across the needlebed, as well as several smaller lengths. The same strips can be used on any gauge machine, and they can be used over and over again for years.

© Eileen Montgomery 1996

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