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Crochet Trim for Set-in Sleeve Caps

trim sleevecap2

I use this little crochet trim to complete all of my set-in sleeve caps. It is worked on the edge of the cap then blocked into the sleeve. The trim pushs out the top of the set-in sleeve cap and helps eliminate any indentation at the top below the seam.

• With two pins mark 7.5 cm (3") on either side of the shoulder seam.
• With the main yarn work a row of single crochet between the pins on the sleeve edge only.
• Turn, chain one, start with 1 slip crochet, 1 single crochet, 1 half crochet, then work 1 double crochet into each single to within 3 stitches of the end; work 1 half crochet, 1 single crochet and 1 slip crochet to slope the second side of the trim.
• Steam this trim into the sleeve cap.

** Just a note to mention that I sew all my set-in sleeves in place using the sewing machine as I find it gives a more secure seam than I can do by hand.

© Eileen Montgomery 2003

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