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Fern Lace


This is a great hand-manipulated stitch to use in a sideways knit for a vertical stripe of texture or as a horizontal stripe across the yoke of a garment.

Be sure that the stitches are divisible by 6 plus 3 more stitches. Work a sample of the trim so you will know how wide it will be in your yarn so you can calculate where to place it. For this trim to be successful be sure to follow the tension changes. You can knit 2 fewer rows on each group on a bulky gauge or 2 more rows if using a standard.

• carriage on the right, knit 2 rows at 1 full number less than the main tension
• reset to the main tension, carriage on the right, pull all but the 6 stitches on the right to D position and set the russel levers to I to hold the stitches
• *knit 7 rows over the 6 stitches, carriage on the left, push 3 stitches on the right of the group to D and knit 1 row to the right over 3 stitches
• push the next 3 stitches on the left from D to C position so they will knit on the next row* and knit 7 rows over this group of 6 stitches - weight with your fingers
• repeat * to * to the last group of 6 stitches and knit 7 rows ending with the carriage on the left
• with the tension set to 1 number less that the main tension and the russel levers to II, knit 2 rows over all the stitches
• reset to the main tension and russel levers to I, pull all but the 6 stitches on the left to D and repeat * to * working in the opposite direction
• carriage on the right, knit 2 rows over all the stitches at the tighter tension
• reset your row counter to where it should be and continue to knit

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