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Garter Carriage Tips

• some start with waste yarn and hang the cast-on comb in the waste yarn before casting on with the gartercarriage
• I just cast on with the garter carriage and never use the cast-on comb; if needed I will use the small weights on the edges but rarely
• too much weight pulls the stitches narrower and makes it harder for the garter carriage needle to form stitches which can cause dropped stitches and jamming

• I usually let the garter carriage cast on at my main tension less 2 numbers, leave the memo button on and knit 1 row to the right at main tension less 1 number; then turn off the memo button and continue in pattern at the main tension

• necks can be shaped by using the M key and the same procedure as usual
• or by stopping the garter carriage at the centre of the bed and changing the yarn to work both sides at the same time
• or by knitting straight to the top and binding off in three sections: shoulder, neck, shoulder; use cut & sew to form the neckline; form the shoulder slope by sewing the shoulders together on a slope, open the seam allowance and whip stitch the wide end to the sleeve seam to form a mini-shoulder pad

• the usual method is to knit the stitches down to A position with a ravel cord; this is sometimes awkward as the stitches can creep forward and cause problems for the garter carriage
• I prefer to move the stitches from the needles to the gate pegs and push the empty needles to A position; the stitches slip down the gate pegs away from the brushes of the garter carriage so they will not get brushed as in the ravel cord method; when you need the stitches back in work, transfer them from the gate pegs back onto the needles they were on so the pattern is correct (hang the stitches on the left of 0 on the gate pegs on the left of the needles and stitches on the right of 0 on the gate pegs to the right of the needles)
• in both methods, shortrow 1 stitch less than given so it is taken out of work on the following row to form a wrap

© Eileen Montgomery 2006

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