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Freebies - Hints & Tips
Mitred Corners

• To mitre corners, shape 1 stitch every 2 rows. Either increase, decrease or shortrow. Both sides of the corner are shaped the same. This will work with any gauge.

• Bands can be knit by picking up along the edges of the afghan or shawl and working outwards. Work increases at the corners to shape the mitres.

• If you work a simple increase by pulling 1 new needle to work on the carriage side, you will have loops to pick up for increases on the second side of the corner. The mitred corner will be complete when the bands are bound off.

• Bands can be started at the outer edge with a fancy cast-on or lace edging and knit towards the body of the afghan working decreases along the corners. Be sure to work full-fashion decreases, leaving the edge stitches to be mattress stitched together. Join the bands to the afghan by picking on the machine, sewing or grafting.

• Bands can be knit vertically by casting on the number of stitches desired and knitting the length of each side of the afghan. At the corners, shortrow down to 1 stitch in work and reverse shortrow back to have all the stitches in work. Now knit straight for the width of the main piece. The afghan edge can be picked up when knitting straight or the band can be sewn on later.

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