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Freebies - Hints & Tips


This is a great hand-manipulated woven stitch to use as an very feminine accent. It looks best in a ribbon yarn.

• Be sure to take the weaving yarn over the two end stitches on each side so buds are not caught in the seams.
• How many needles you will go under/over before and after the buds will depend on how many stitches in your piece. Try a sample with 42 stitches in work.
• Do not wrap the needles too tightly or the carriage will jam. Be sure that the yarn/ribbon will move easily on the needle shafts.

• carriage on the right, pull all the needles out to hold position with the carriage set to knit down
• begin at the right and take the weaving yarn over the 2 edge needles, then *under and around 3 needles 3 times, over/under the next 5 needles*; continue * to * across the needlebed
• check that the yarn is not too tight and is pushed against the needlebed; cut the weaving yarn; close the latches with the side of a credit card
• knit 1 row at MT+1 and check that no weaving yarn has been caught in the needles
• knit 3 rows at MT
• start at the right and weave another row of rosebuds by wrapping alternate groups of three needles; take the yarn over the 2 edge needles, then under/over 4 needles to the first group of 3 for a bud; repeat * to * across
• repeat for as many rows of rosebuds you desire

© Eileen Montgomery 2009

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