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Freebies - Hints & Tips


This is a double-bed hand-manipulated stitch to use when you want to add a little lace accent to your garment.

• knit single bed to where you want to work the lace
• bring the ribber needles into work opposite the back bed stitches with the outer needles on each side on the back bed, Pitch H
• knit 1 row on both beds at maximum tension
• drop the ribber stitches off and pull the fabric down to distribute the yarn
• on a 1-prong tool, gather four stitches together so four neighbouring needles are empty
• with the help of another 1-prong tool, hang the loops together on needles 1 and 3 of the group of four leaving needles 2 and 4 empty; pull needles 1 and 3 to hold position, pull needle 2 to hold position over the top of the gathered stitches, pull needle 4 to hold as well
• repeat across the bed
• push all the back bed needles from hold to upper working position if the needles are being pulled together
• on the back bed only with the carriage set to knit down, knit 1 row at maximum tension
• set to main tension and continue to the location of a second row if desired
•• sample shown has 4 rows of stocking stitch between which requires the needles to be pulled to hold each row so they will knit down with the ribber carriage in place

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