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Tucked Fringe


This is an automatic fringe that is added after knitting. It can be added to afghans, baby blankets and scarves. It uses the 1x1 birds-eye design with the carriage set to tuck. Any gauge machine can be used.

E-wrap cast on over 3 needles, leave 10-20 needles in non-working position, cast on over 3 needles. Hold the piece with the wrong side facing you and start at the right-hand side. Pick up 3 stitches from the piece on top of the left group of 3 needles and knit 4 rows at main tension with your carriage set to tuck in the 1x1 birds-eye pattern (Card 1 or Stitch World #461). Repeat across the edge of the piece, working from right to left. When working on the cast-on and bind-off edges pick up every stitch. When working on the sides of the piece pick up every row. After picking up the last 3 stitches, bind off.

The small knitted strip can be cut off to form an even cut fringe along the side but block first. Alternately the small strip can be unravelled to form a longer looped fringe; be sure to block after unravelling, not before or the yarn will be kinky.

This is just one of 12 fringes with many variations that are in Workshop Handouts Volume 2.

© Eileen Montgomery 2002

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