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Alpaca Shawl


This double-bed tuck lace shawl was knit on the Artisan GE63-70D 7 mm mid-gauge in a fine luxurious yarn for a light and airy feel.

To knit this shawl on another mid-gauge or standard gauge machine, program all the stitches on the main bed to tuck on every other row and knit at a loose tension.

The shawl can be made longer or shorter as desired. The ends can be left as is, fringed or trimmed with crochet.

Size: 17" x 73" (43 x 185 cm).
Materials: 6 oz/170 g of Forsell Naturell 3-ply, 80% wool/20% alpaca.
Machine: Sample knit on Artisan GE63-70D 7 mm mid-gauge.
Tension: 1/1 (should be a little loose)
Gauge: 6 sts x 11 rows per inch (this is not too important as the fabric is very stretchy but the finished size may be different).
Needle setup: | is a stitch and x is a needle in NWP:

• COR, RC000. Crochet cast on over 101 sts (L50-R51). Knit 1 row with the stitch dial set to R.
• Transfer the stitches to 1x1 rib and hang the comb. Do not hang the weights yet, just hold the comb down with your hand. Knit 1 row at T1/1.
• COR. Transfer every third stitch on the back bed to the front bed so the needle set-up is as shown. Be sure the edge stitches are correct.
• Hang the weights on the comb. On the main bed carriage, set the tuck/slip lever to tuck, move both hold levers forward, the left side lever to 2 and the right side lever to 1. Set the ribber carriage to knit.
• RC000. Knit 800 rows in the tuck lace pattern.
• COR. Bring the needed back bed needles into work to have a 1x1 rib set-up. With the main bed carriage set for stocking stitch, knit 1 or 2 rows (depends on whether you like to cast off from the left or the right).
• Transfer the front bed stitches to the back bed. Knit 1 row at max. tension and crochet bind off.

• For an easy finish to this project and for a softer feel, iron the shawl lightly on both sides being sure to keep the edges straight. It would be beneficial to wire the side edges. Use an iron with a Teflon sole and set it to the silk setting with lots of steam. Have lines on the ironing board to help you keep the width consistent. With the tuck side up, iron carefully without a lot of pressure but with the iron gliding very lightly on the fabric. Carefully unroll the edges and iron them in a straight line. Turn over and iron lightly on the knit side as well.

© Eileen Montgomery 2001

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