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Beaded Tuck Bag


SW #276

MACHINE: Brother 4.5 mm.
FINISHED SIZE: Width 15 cm/6 in. and length 17 cm/6.5 in.
MATERIALS: Small amount of a dress yarn, beads with holes big enough for 2 strands of the yarn, a small amount of lining fabric (optional), 76 cm/30" of thin silk cord plus a tassel. Sample was knit in woolray with 10 g of 4 mm Miyuki cube beads (approx. 100).
GAUGE: Tuck stitch, T7, 9 stitches and 22 rows to 2.5 cm/1 in.
STITCH PATTERN: Stitch World #276. Singer/Studio knitters could use Card 3 and place beads as desired.

• Over 106 needles, cast on with waste yarn and ravel cord for weight. • With the main yarn, crochet cast on and knit 2 rows at T6.
• COR, RC000. At T7, knit in tuck to RC022.

• Hang 13 beads across the row, every other tuck including L1. The bead is hung on the stitch below the four tuck loops by pulling it through the bead and replacing it on the needle with the loops to knit down on the next row. Repeat every 12 rows, placing the beads on alternate tuck stitches.

NOTE: beads can be placed on every tuck group or wherever desired, the number and placement is up to you.

• RC113, COL, last row of tuck, weave a strand of waste yarn over and under the needles across the row to mark the row and knit the row. RC114.

• COR, RC000. At T5, knit 6 rows over the right half of the needles while the left side is in hold. Knit 5 rows over the left half while the right is in hold. (This will form a hole for the cord. Use the yarn tail to reinforce the hole later.)
• Knit 6 rows over all the needles.
• Turn the work on a garter bar or remove on waste yarn and rehang.
• Pick up the marked row and knit 1 row at T8 to hem.
• (Optional) At T5, knit 4 rows for a lining flap.
• At T10, knit 1 row and crochet bind off.

• Mattress stitch the side seam, leaving a hole in the outer casing seam for the cord.
• (Optional) Cut the lining fabric to the same size as the bag. Seam the side. Place the top edge under the knit lining flap and sew together. Seam the bottom edge.
• Seam the bottom of the knit bag. Take the two outer corners and bring them into the centre of the bottom edge. Stitch together. Sew a tassel to this join. You could purchase a tassel or create a beaded one of your own.
• The sample's cord was knit at T5, slipping in 1 direction, over 3 sts for 400 rows. The cord was threaded through and the ends grafted together. However this is a little thick, a fine silk cord would be better.

© Eileen Montgomery 2008

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