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Beaded Tucked Camisole

Camisolepix SW255

SW #255


To use as a punchcard, punch the grey squares

This camisole can be dressed up or down as it looks as nice with a pretty skirt as it does with jeans. Because the yarn is so comfortable to wear, you'll want to knit more than one. The sample is shown with the purl side as the right side but it could be seamed with the knit side as the right side of the main fabric if desired. Either way, the purl side of the trim will show.

MACHINE: 4.5 mm. No ribber required.
FINISHED SIZES: Width at bust is 79 (89, 99, 109) cm or 31 (35, 39, 43) in. There should be little ease in this garment. Length without straps is 44 cm or 17.5 in.
YARN: Yeoman Yarns Panama, 50% acrylic/50% cotton, 270 g for the second size; 4 mm beads, see Note below.
GAUGE: Tuck stitch at T6 is 8.6 stitches and 17 rows to 2.5 cm/1 in.

Brother StitchWorld #255 as shown above. To use the 24-st version as a punchcard, punch the grey squares.

Beads are optional. They can be hung on both front and back or just on the front. Each body piece in the sample which is the second size has 43 beads plus 4-6 for the straps for a total of 90-92 beads. My favourite beads for the knitting machine are Miyuki 4 mm cubes which are Japanese glass beads that are available from better bead stores and online. These are glass beads that come in lots of colours and finishes and fit perfectly on a stitch in most 4-ply yarns. It took 10 gm for my camisole.

To hang a bead, knit in tuck until there are 1 stitch and 4 loops on the needle. With a crochet hook, pull the stitch off the needle and through the bead. Rehang the stitch on the needle with the tuck loops. On the sample, beads were hung as follows: RC240, on L1 and every other tuck; RC252, on L7 and every other tuck; RC264, L1 and EO tuck; RC276, L7 and EO tuck; RC288, L1 and EO tuck.

Cast on over 150 (166, 184, 200) sts with waste yarn and ravel cord. COR. With MY at T6, K1R. COL, select or memorize pattern and K1R. COR, RC000. Tuck to RC036. Decrease 1 st each side every 6 rows 8 times. Continue in tuck to RC212. Shape underarm by binding off 6 (7, 8, 10) sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows. At each side, decrease 1 st and
1st size - K1R x 14, K2R x 5. (42-42)
2nd size - K1R x 12, K2R x 6. (50-50)
3rd size - K1R x 10, K2R x 7. (59-59)
4th size - K1R x 6, K2R x 9. (67-67)
Continue in tuck to RC290, hanging beads as desired. The last 2 rows should have been knit ones, if not knit 2 rows in stocking stitch. Remove sts on WY. Turn the work and rehang over 20% fewer needles: 68 (80, 94, 108). With MY at T6, K12R and bind off. This trim is left to roll to the tuck side.

Rehang the first row over 15% fewer needles: 128 (140, 156, 170). Knit trim as given for the top edge.

Knit the second piece to match.

Crochet cast on over 17 sts, L9-R8. With MY at T6, K3R. COL, select or memorize the pattern and K1R. COR, RC000. Set to tuck stitch. On every row, position the 4 sts on each side so they will knit only. Tucks should be between L4 and R3 only. Hang a bead on L1 on EO tuck. Knit to RC116 so the straps can be adjusted to make the armholes fit well and remove on WY. It is easier to unravel extra rows than to add more. Sample straps were adjusted to 5" or about 92 rows.

Mattress stitch the side seams. Armholes are left untrimmed. With sewing thread, whip stitch the strap seams in the centre back but do not sew in the tails yet. Sew the straps in place on one piece and pin to the other piece. Try on and adjust the straps before binding off with the yarn tails and sewing the second ends in place. Remember Panama will shrink a little when machine washed and dried.

© Eileen Montgomery 2007


A (width at bottom) 44, 49, 54, 59 cm / 17.3, 19.3, 21.3, 23.3 in.
B (width at underarm) 40, 44, 49, 54 cm / 15.7, 17.3, 19.5, 21.3 in.
C (width at top) 25, 30, 35, 40 cm / 9.8, 11.7, 13.8, 15.6 in.
D (armhole width) 8 cm / 3 in.
E (armhole depth) 11.5 cm / 4.5 in.
F (below armhole length) 32 cm / 12.5 in.

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