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Cabled Tote Bag


This tote bag was knit on the LK150 with 205 g. of Nomis 4/9 in winter white. The tension dial was set to 4 with the top tension set to 7. The gauge was 6.4 stitches and 8.6 rows per inch. This was a double knitting yarn which is no longer available. Substitute another yarn as the size of the bag is not too important.

This bag requires 2.2 m of webbing or belting for the handles. The crocheted button loop and button are optional. A .75” plastic ring is needed for the button.
The bag measures 12” wide, 14” long, and 2” deep.
The bag and the optional pocket are knit from the top down.

• Crochet cast on over 90 stitches with the main yarn. Knit 8 rows at T3, 1 row at T6 for a foldline, and 8 rows at T3. Pick up the stitches from the cast-on and knit 1 row at T4.
• COR. RC000. Remove the following stitches onto pins or markers. L37, 30, 27, 20, 4, R4, 20, 27, 30, and 37. Leave the empty needles in B position. These stitches will be latched up before the piece is cast off.
• The cables are worked between L31-36, 21-26, L3-R3, R21-26, and 31-36. The cable-within-a-cable pattern has two 3x3 cables, then four 2x2 cables. The right-hand stitches are crossed to the left first.
• Cross 3x3 cables on RC6, 12; 30, 36; 54, 60; 78, 84; 102, 108.
• Cross 2x2 cables on RC18, 20, 22, 24; 42, 44, 46, 48; 66, 68, 70, 72; 90, 92, 94, 96; 114, 116, 118.
• Knit in pattern to RC112. Cast off 6 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows. Continue in pattern to RC120. Drop the stitches off the needles that were emptied on RC000. Tuck up all the side stitches by taking each stitch off the pin or marker and latching up tucking every other bar. Place the last stitch on the empty needle. Remove the piece on waste yarn.

• Knit a second piece. The pocket is optional. If it is not wanted, knit the second piece as given for the first. If the pocket is to be used, do not remove the stitches on needles L4 and R4 onto markers until RC48. Cross this cable for the first time on RC54 and continue in pattern as given above.

• Rehang the bottom stitches with the right sides together. Hang the first piece with the stitches on the needle shanks. Hang the second piece with the stitches in the hooks. Pull these stitches through the first stitches by hand. Knit 1 row at T9 and crochet cast off.

• For the pocket, crochet cast on over 24 stitches. Knit 4 rows at T3, 1 row at T6, and 4 rows at T3. Pick up the stitches from the cast-on and knit 1 row at T4.
• COR. RC000. Knit 2 rows at T4 and follow the cabled diamond chart. Knit 1 row following the diamond. Remove on waste yarn.
• Swiss darn the pocket in place on the second bag piece. Line the cable patterns up to position it correctly.

Optional closure is worked by crocheting a button loop on the top of the back piece. The .75” white plastic ring is covered with single crochet which is turned into the middle. Work a few simple stitches over the center to decorate it and hold the crochet in place. Use the yarn ends to sew the button in place on the front piece.

The webbing is sewn in place in the center of the stocking stitch sections on the sewing machine. First measure 84” and sear or finish the ends. Sew together. Fold the webbing and mark the quarter points. The join will be positioned at the bottom of the bag. Find the handle sections. Measure 6” on either side of the quarter mark to mark the 12” handles. Fold these 2 sections in half and sew the center 10” of each to form the handles. Pin or baste the webbing in place on the bag with the markers for the handles at the top of each side. Sew along both edges of the webbing up to .5” at the top of the bag.

Mattress stitch the side seams and along the corner seams.

© Eileen Montgomery 1995

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