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Drop Stitch Mesh Bag


This mesh bag can be knit on any machine using strong cotton yarns. The white one was knit on the LK150 using 124 g of a thick yarn similar to Yeoman Yarns' Cotton Club in Aran weight at T6. The purple one was knit on a standard gauge using 64 g of Cotton Tale 8 at T8. Each bag is approx. 36 cm/14" wide, 41 cm/16" long with a 2.5 cm/1" casing.

Note: Mid-gauge instructions are followed by the standard gauge instructions in brackets.

• Starting at the top of the bag, e-wrap cast on over 129 (175) needles. At main tension, knit 9 (19) rows. Pick up first row and knit 1 row at the main tension +1 full number.
• Start on the second needle from the left and transfer every other stitch to the neighbouring needle. Be sure there is only 1 needle on each end with stitch(es). Leave the empty needles in work position.
• COR, RC000. At main tension, knit 40 (80) rows.
• Drop every other stitch beginning with the second one from the left so you are dropping off on the same needles that were emptied previously.
• Bring all the needles to D/E position. Loosely latch tool cast off by pulling a loop of yarn through each stitch and chaining over each empty needle. Remove from the needlebed. Pull to unravel all the dropped stitches.
• Fold the bag in half lengthwise. Crochet slip stitch through the loops along the bottom and up the side, pulling the crochet stitches large so the bag will stretch.
• Make a 4-stitch cord at your tension -1 full number with the carriage set to slip in one direction for 250 (300) rows.
• Starting near the seam, thread the cord through the casing by going up into the casing where a stitch were transferred, thread to near the halfway point and come out of the casing where a stitch was transferred. Skip .5" of the casing, go up into it again and come out just before the seam. Sew the ends of the cords together tightly.

© Eileen Montgomery 1995-2007

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