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Garter Bar Christmas Tree

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This Christmas tree can be decorated in a thousand ways. It can be knit in different colours or yarns to match your room or imagination. It can be decorated with paints, sequins, yarns, minature decorations from a craft shop, etc, etc. The ideas are endless; no two need ever look alike!

SIZE: 7” tall.
MATERIALS: 4 ply 100% acrylic: 82 g. green, small amount of Angelhair added to acrylic for sparkle, and an empty 7” yarn pointed cone with a hole in the top. Decorations as decided by your creativity!
MACHINE: 4.5 m standard gauge machine. Sample knit on Singer 700.
TENSION: T6 for stocking stitch.
GAUGE: 7.25 sts & 10 rows = 1”.
NOTE: A garter bar will make this project faster and easier.
VARIATION: For the look of snow on the boughs, knit 1 row before and after the row of picots with white yarn.

Knit 6 boughs: 1 each over 40, 56, 74, 90, 106, and 116 sts. If using a garter bar, start with the smallest and stack them beside first and then on top of each other on the bar starting on one end. Important: Use the small and one large section together. Leave the other large section to use when knitting the cone cover. (If using waste yarn, start with the largest and knit in one piece with ravel cord/waste yarn/ravel cord between the boughs.)

*Cast on with waste yarn and ravel cord. COR, RC000. With acrylic and angelhair together, knit 20 rows. Work a picot row by transferring every other st to the next needle leaving the empty needles in WP (do not transfer edge sts) and knitting the row. Knit 20 more rows. RC041. Pick up the first row for a hem. Knit 1 row at MT+2. Remove on garter bar or waste yarn.* Repeat * to * 5 more times remembering to adjust the number of stitches.

Cone Cover
With acrylic only, e-wrap cast on over 70 sts. RC000. Knit 11 rows at MT. Hang the largest bough decreasing by hanging 5 sts on 3 ndls. Pull the needles to HP and close the latches. Knit 1 row at MT+2. Decrease 6 sts across the row by removing on a garter bar and rehanging (11 sts/10 ndls).

**Knit 11 rows at MT. Hang the next bough by decreasing 5 sts to 3 ndls. Knit 1 row at MT+2. Decrease 10 sts across the row (6 sts/5 ndls).**

Repeat ** to ** 4 more times (5 sts/4 ndls, 9 sts/7 ndls, 7 sts/5 ndls, 5 sts/3 ndls) to RC072. Knit 2 rows at MT. Cut the yarn and thread the end through the sts on the needles to remove them from the machine.

Thread a hand-knitting needle or ruler through each bough and pull hard to set the sts. Sew the seam from the bottom of the cone cover through each bough in turn. Place over the cone. Gather the top leaving the hole open if needed for a star; the hole can be closed over if not needed. Attach the bottom of the cover to the edge of the cone with glue or double-faced tape.

Decorate as desired!!

© Eileen Montgomery 1997-2013

Note 'Christmas Crafts' has 21 more patterns for wonderful decorations for the holidays.

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