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Hat with Triangles

Hatwtri1 Hatwtri2
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• samples were knit in 3 colours of Yeoman Cannele cotton; total 38 g
• sample gauge: 7.5 sts x 11.5 R

• finished size: 56cm/22" wide x 20cm/8" high (a larger size can be obtained by adding 8 stitches to the band which will be 2 stitches to each triangle and diamond; which will automatically alter the height)

the samples were knit with a 2.5 cm/1" doubled band of mock rib but any rib or band can be substituted as long as the body stitch number is 160 when the triangles begin

• the bottom row of triangles are knit separately on the band and shaped by decreases
• the diamonds are knit separately, the lower half is shaped with reverse shortrowing and the top with decreases

© Eileen Montgomery 2014


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