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Hobby Scarf

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This scarf will made a quick, inexpensive but beautiful gift for any woman. It is light and gauzy and just the right size to fill in a neckline.

This scarf is knit sideways so the stitches are the length and the rows are the width.

Size: 9" x 33" (23 x 84 cm) with an optional 1" edging on each end.
Materials: 1.5 oz/42 g of Bramwell Hobby; 100% acrylic.
Machine: Sample knit on Brother 940 standard gauge.
Tension: 5 (should be a little loose)
Gauge: 6 sts x 16 rows (this is not important but the finished size may be different)
Pattern: Single bed tuck stitch – Stitch World #245; 12 st x 24 row repeat. (Stitch World 3, use #237)
Note to Singer punchcard knitters: use Card 10 and remember to pull 2 stitches opposite the carriage to HP on each row so they will knit.

• Cast on over L99-R100 with waste yarn. Knit several inches of waste for weight. Knit 1 row of ravel cord.
• COR, RC000. Crochet cast on with the main yarn. Knit 1 row.
• COL. Select/memorize the pattern (if using a Brother, set to KCI). Knit 1 row.
• COR, RC002. In tuck, knit 144 rows for 6 repeats. (To alter the width, omit or add 12 rows at a time.)
• COR, RC146. (If you alter the number of rows, end after knitting 1 row without tucks.)
• In stocking stitch, knit 1 row at max. tension. Crochet bind off.
• Finish the small edges with fringe, a crochet trim or the edging below.

• Crochet-look Edging: With the knit side facing you, start at the right-hand corner and pick up 3 stitches along the edge, skipping every other stitch throughout. Knit 6 rows at MT. Pick up 3 more stitches and hang on the same needles; continue along the edge. After picking up the last 3 stitches, knit 8 rows.
• Turn the work so the purl side is facing you. Hang the first loop of 6 rows from the first row onto the centre needle and knit 8 rows. Continue to the end, picking up the loops and knitting 8 rows. After picking up the last loop, knit 10 rows.
• Turn the work again and move along the edge, knitting 10 rows after hanging each loop. After picking up the last loop, knit 2 rows and cast off the 3 stitches. Work the edging on the second side.

• To get the wonderful silky look and feel to this scarf, iron the fabric well. Use an iron with a Teflon sole and set it to the silk setting with lots of steam. Have lines on the ironing board to help you keep the width consistent. Iron carefully without a lot of pressure but with the iron gliding down on the fabric. Carefully unroll the edges and iron them in a straight line. Turn over and iron on the other side as well.

© Eileen Montgomery 2001

sw245 card10less5

Singer/Studio Card 10, missing the top 5 rows due to scanner size. If punching a new card, on the top repeat rows 13, 14 & 15 then completely punch 2 rows.

SW #245


SW #253, same as Card 10

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