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• sample was knit in 2 colours of Yeoman Cannele cotton; total 40 g
• pattern was slip stitch maze using Singer Card 9, changing colour every 2 rows
• sample gauge: 10 sts x 15 R at T7

• finished size was 11.4cm/4.5" wide x 18cm/7" long

• knit in 1 piece over 98 sts
• cast on with waste yarn and knit ravel cord from right to left; hang marker at centre
• COL, knit 2 rows with Col1 (navy)
• COL, RC000, set carriage to slip, release the punchcard, change to Col2 (white) and begin patterning
• change colours every 2 rows to RC104

• bring R1-R49 to hold with carriage set to hold; can switch to regular feeder arm for the rest
• knit 1 row with Col2 over L49-L1
• bind off these stiches; on sample I left a tail 4x the work and removed on waste yarn, then worked a row of slip crochet from the purl side

• on R1-R49, COL, RC000, T6, knit 30 rows with Col1, work a foldline, knit 30 rows and bind off as desired
• sample had a garter ridge foldline; knit 1 row with Col2, turn work on garter bar, knit 1 row with Col2, turn work on garter bar, changed to Col1 and continued band

• fold the piece in half, right sides together, and hang the bottom with 2 stitches on each needle
• knit 1 row with Col1 at T7 and bind off as desired
• mattress stitch side seam and band seams; fold the band to the inside and slip stitch in place; sew button on the band and work a loop to secure it

© Eileen Montgomery 2012


Singer Card 9

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