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Lace-edged Seaman's Scarf


This scarf is trimmed with a hand-manipulated lace edging and has a section of 2x2 rib in the centre to hold it in place around the neck. It has a simple hemming technique on the sides to keep them from curling.

Size: 8" x 44" (20 x 112 cm).
Materials: 3 oz/84 g of Tamm Trenzi 90% acrylic/10% nylon.
Machine: Standard gauge with ribber.
Tension: 7 with rib at 5/5.
Gauge: 7.6 sts x 9.4 rows per inch.
Note: lace edging is a 12 sts x 10 row repeat.

• *Crochet cast on with 2 strands over 61 needles (L30-R31). Knit to the left with 1 strand only.
• Beginning at the left and leaving the right edge stitch untouched, follow the lace graph for 10 rows.*
• Work a crochet cast-on with 1 strand behind the work on the needles.
• COL, RC000. Transfer the stitches above the points in the lace to their neighbours and move the empty needles to non-working position. Make a note of the needle numbers.
• At the beginning of the next 2 rows, move the edge stitch out 1 needle, push the empty needle to NWP and e-wrap 4 more new needles.
• Knit to RC150 at MT.
• Except for the first on each edge, fill the NWP needles with the bar from the neighbouring stitches to return them to work position.
• Beginning at the left, transfer the edge stitch to the ribber, leave 4 facing stitches on main bed and the sixth needle out of work. Then transfer the stitches into 2x2 rib along to the right. There will be an extra rib stitch before the NWP needle, then set-up the right edge to match the left.
• At tension 5/5, knit 100 rows to RC250.
• Transfer all the rib stitches back to the main bed. Transfer the same stitches and push the needles to non-working position as before.
• At tension 7, knit 149 rows to RC399.
• At the beginning of the next 2 rows, remove the edge stitch on a pin, bind off 3 stitches, then move the last facing stitch to the original edge needle (L30 & R31).
• Remove the work on a garter bar or wasteyarn.
• Knit lace edging again from * to * but stop at Row 9. COR.
• Remove on a garter bar or waste yarn and turn so knit side is facing you and rehang.
• Work a crochet cast-on with 1 strand on top of the edging.
• Rehang the scarf with the purl side facing you.
• At tension 8, knit 1 row. Bind off loosely.

• One side at a time, remove the edge stitch from the pin, insert the latch tool into the crossbar by the loose stitch and pull it to form a loop. **With the loop behind the latch, go over to where the needle was out of work and pick up the 2 top bars and pull through the loop. On the edge of the facing, pull out another loop and pull it through the stitch on the tool.** Repeat to the bottom of the scarf and secure the last stitch with a piece of yarn.
• Neaten the edge of the facing by stitching it into the back of the scarf.
• Block.

© Eileen Montgomery 2001

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