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Lace Baby Blanket


Hand-manipulated lace border chart, 12 st x 10 row repeat

This baby shawl is made by knitting the centre square in plain lace, then adding the outer bands of hand-manipulated fashion lace. It has mitred corners which are joined on the machine and require no hand finishing. But proper blocking is essential.

This pattern is based on the number of stitches and rows given. Alter the yarn, tension, gauge or the pattern for the centre but do not alter the number of stitches and rows.

The sample was knit on the Singer 700 with 170 g. (6 oz.) of Bramwell 4-ply 100% acrylic at T7. It has a finished size of 82.5 x 82.5 cm (32.5" x 32.5") and took approx. 5 hours to knit.

Note: the centre square can be knit in any lace pattern or in stocking stitch on any standard machine.

1. With waste yarn, cast on over 153 sts. COR, RC000. With main yarn at MT, knit 2 rows of stocking stitch. (Can memorize the pattern with the lace carriage on the second row.) COR, RC000. With lace carriage at MT, knit 228 rows in lace, finishing with a row of stocking stitch.

2. Change to main carriage and stocking stitch at MT-1. Knit 30 rows while working a mitre on each corner with simple increases by pulling an empty needle on the carriage side into WP every row for an increase of 15 sts on each side. 183 sts in WP.

3. Centre the hand-manipulated lace border and follow the chart for 10 rows (do not transfer for lace on the outer sts). At the same time, continue to increase on the carriage side of every row to 193 sts in work.

4. COL, pull 1 needle on the left to WP. Knit the last row at max. tension and bind off loosely.

5. With the wrong side facing you, rehang the other end from the WY over 153 sts. Follow steps 2-4.

6. With the wrong side facing you, rehang one of the sides over 153 sts by picking up 2 out of 3 rows. Follow steps 2-4 but to increase for the mitre, pick up a loop from the end border onto a new needle opposite the carriage on every row.

7. Repeat step 6 for the second side.

8. Thread wires through the points of the edging. Using a pin in each point, stretch the shawl out as far as you can on a blocking board. Steam well on both sides. To get a nice drapey fabric and a soft feel to this baby shawl, iron both sides with an iron set to medium heat. Do not press hard but do touch the iron down on the fabric.

© Eileen Montgomery 2000


Singer all over lace pattern for the centre of the sample blanket
• 12 st x 12 row repeat
• if punching a punchcard, have 2 repeats across as shown and 3 repeats up the card for 36 rows plus 2 fully punched rows on top and bottom
• set the Singer lace carriage to O and start the lace transfers at the right-hand side

• Brother Stitchworld #123 is a good substitute for this Singer pattern

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