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Machine Knit Flowers

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The samples were knit on a standard gauge with Yeoman Cashmilon 4-ply acrylic. But any machine and yarn can be used. Experiment with colours and try beads sewn into the centres if not knitting for children.

- weaving cast on 30 (42, 54) stitches
- COR, set carriage to hold and pull all but right 5 (7, 9) stitches to hold position
- on the first group of stitches, knit 5 rows and decrease 1 stitch on each side of petal
- knit 4 rows and decrease each side (repeat once, repeat twice)
- knit 1 row on remaining stitch
- with 1-prong tool move first stitch in hold to work, transfer the remaining stitch on top
- push next 4 (6, 8) needles to upper work position and knit the next petal the same
- continue across until 1 stitch remains
- pick up the side of the cast-on row right below the stitch, place onto stitch, knit 1 row and remove on tail
- use tail to connect into a circle and use cast-on tail to gather the centre of flower

- weaving cast on 37 (42) stitches
- Main Tension, knit 3 rows, COR, RC000
- pull fourth from edge and every seventh (eighth) needle to hold, carriage set to hold
- knit 6 rows, tucking on selected stitches
- pull all to hold, set carriage to knit down and knit 2 rows at MT+2
- pull same needles to hold, set carriage to hold and MT
- tuck for 4 rows, change colour and continue to tuck for 2 rows
- pull all to hold, set carriage to knit down and knit 4 rows at MT; RC021
- remove stitches on yarn tail
- gather both ends and seam

- Note this flower can be tucked manually (pull every third stitch to hold with carriage set to hold), with a punchcard (Singer Card 8 locked on Row 2) or electronic pattern (StitchWorld #339 locked on Row 1)

Tiny Size:
- *weaving cast on 26 stitches (L12-R14), COL
- knit 2 rows at T6, COL
- memorize pattern and knit 1 row
- tuck for 4 rows, plain knit 1 row*
- knit 1 row at maximum tension and crochet bind off
- seam and gather cast-on tightly

Medium Size:
- as above * to *
- repeat tuck for 4 rows, plain knit 1 row
- finish as above

Larger Size:
- use L18-R20 and work 3 tucked patterns
- good great in cotton, especially on purl side

© Eileen Montgomery 2011

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