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Mitred Afghan


These directions will result in a square afghan that can be knit in one piece on any gauge machine. The Giant Pie Crust Edging looks best when worked on a mid-gauge or bulky. You will cast on on one side of the afghan and knit four mitred corners to return to where you started.

Start with a prepared swatch in your chosen yarn in stocking stitch. Calculate the number of stitches per inch or cm. Decide how large you want your afghan to be and divide this by two. Multiply this number by the number of stitches per inch/cm and add 1 stitch. This is the number of stitches you will need to cast on and it is the only number that you need to create this afghan.

Note that there is no need to wrap the stitches in this pattern.

• Cast on over the needed number of stitches with waste yarn and ravel cord. COR.
• Change to the main yarn and knit 2 rows at the main tension.
• #RC000, COR. *Pull 1 needle on the side opposite the carriage to hold position and knit 2 rows.* Repeat * to * until 1 stitch remains in work on the right. (The row counter should be 2 numbers less than double the number of stitches you cast on.)
• RC000, COR. **Push 1 needle on the side opposite the carriage to upper work position and knit 2 rows. ** Repeat ** to ** until all the stitches are in work. (The row counter should be 2 numbers less than double the number of stitches you cast on.)#
• Repeat this mitre from # to # three more times.
• Remove the stitches on waste yarn. Option 1: Graft/kitchener stitch the open stitches together by hand. Option 2: Hang the first row with the knit side facing you. Hang the last row with knit sides together and keep these stitches in the hooks. With one set of stitches on the needle shanks and the other in the hooks, pull the last row through the first and bind off loosely.
• Neaten the hole in the centre of the afghan.

Giant Pie Crust Edging:
**Note you should work a section of this edging on your afghan to determine how many stitches to skip (if any) and how many rows to knit in your yarn.

• With the wrong side of the afghan facing you and starting just left of a corner, pick up 7 stitches from the edge, skipping 2 stitches among them. With the main yarn at main tension-1, knit 20 rows. Skip the next edge stitch on the left and pick up the next 7 of 9 stitches. Continue along the edge to the next corner.
• Fudge as needed to pick up 7 stitches before turning the corner and knit 24 rows on the last group so it will curve around the corner. Continue the edging around the afghan.
• After knitting 24 rows on the final group, remove it on waste yarn. With knit sides together, backstitch this last group to the right side of the first group so the edging is continuous.

© Eileen Montgomery 1998, 2003

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