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Passap Lamb Blanket

Download this cut file, unzip, and save to your computer

Dorothy Finkel was inspired by G.C. Lamb to create a Passap version of a cute lamb blanket. She has converted both G.C. and this little lamb to 2-colour tuck Birdseye Jacquard on both her Brother 970 and her Passap E-6000. On the Brother, her version is preemie sized. On the Passap using 2/17 yarn, it is baby sized at 36" x 36".

Dorothy has kindly offered her Passap cut file and instructions. Download the file below. She uses Win_crea. If you have any questions please email Dorothy at as I know nothing about Passaps at all. I am very grateful to Dorothy for sharing her lamb blanket with us.

Needles in work 168 (L-84 to R-84)
Knitting Technique 187
Racking cast on (T 4/4)
Tension setting: 4/4 for 1 strand each color of 2/17 acrylic
or (5/5. for 2 strands each color of 2/24 yarn)
Color # 1 is the background color
Color # 2 is contrast color
Both end stitches should be on the front bed to make the edge even
Use blue strippers if you have them and a cast on comb and weights
Knit 704 rows in pattern, changing color every 2 rows
To cast off: Change setting to N on both locks and the stitch size to 7
Knit 2 rows
Change to waste yarn stitch size 4 on both locks
Knit 10 rows
Deposit yarn, knit across empty to release the blanket from the machine
Gently pull on the blanket lengthwise to set the stitches
Lightly steam waste yarn part
Unravel 6 rows of waste yarn

With baby blanket color crochet through the last row knitted with baby blanket yarn by inserting the crochet hook through both one knitted and one purled stitch and making a single slip crochet. Remove the last 4 rows of waste yarn.

© Dorothy Finkel 2005

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