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Ruffled Scarves

ruffledscarf ruffled2

The sample pictured on the left was knit on a 4.5 mm standard gauge machine to a width of 4 in/10 cm and ruffled to 60 in/152 cm in length. The sample was knit with 150 g of a hand-painted mohair at T8 over 31 needles for 1500 rows. Yeoman Cashmilon at T6 over 41 needles for 2000 rows was also very nice.

HEAVIER VERSION as shown on the left
• E-wrap cast on over 31 or 41 needles; the smaller number for heavier yarns.
• COR, RC000. Knit 1 row at main tension, transfer the centre stitch and push the empty needle out of work.
• Knit 1500-2000 rows.
• Pull the needle back into work and fill with the heel of a stitch.
• Knit 1 row, backstitch bind off.
• Press well.
• Knit a 3-stitch i-cord for 600 rows.
• Thread the cord up the ladder in the scarf at 1"/2.5 cm intervals and knot the edges.
• Gather the scarf as desired.

SMALLER DRESSIER VERSION as shown on the right
• Use 65 g of a 4-ply dress yarn at T6 over 31 stitches for 1000 rows.
• Knit the cord as above in a contrast colour and use the long ends to tie into a bow.

Note if using T6 or less, crochet cast on and bind off for a neat edge.

© Eileen Montgomery 2011

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