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Slip Stitch Hats


Singer Card 1or SW# 461

This pattern is written for 4 ply yarns knitting on a standard gauge machine to a gauge of 8 sts and 30 rows per inch in the stitch pattern. Set the tension dial to the correct tension for the yarn chosen.

The pattern is written for a child/youth size of 46 cm x 20 cm high (18" x 8") which requires 74 g. of yarn and woman and man sizes.

Tea Cosy Stitch Pattern is Card 1 locked on Row 1 (SW #461 with CR button pressed), carriage set to slip stitch for 8 rows with main colour and set to knit for 2 rows with main or contrast colour.

• With main colour cast on in 1x1 rib over 140 (168, 194) needles. RC000. At rib tension knit 32 rows, set back bed carriage to slip for 2 rows to form a foldline, knit 30 more rows. RC064.
• Transfer rib stitches to the back bed. RC000, COR, set to main tension. Knit 2 rows with contrast colour (or main if using only one colour) while memorizing the punchcard locked on Row 1.
• RC002, begin the Tea Cosy pattern of 8 rows slip in main colour and 2 rows knit in contrast.
• Pattern to RC150 (160, 180), knit 1 row in contrast.
• Transfer every other stitch and take empty needles to NWP. With main colour, knit 5 rows at MT-1 and 4 rows at MT-2. RC160 (170, 190).
• Cut the yarn leaving a very long tail. Thread bodkin with tail and remove the stitches with the yarn doubled. Gather as tightly as possible and knot.
• Mattress stitch the seam. If desired, make a pompom and attach.

• Knit in one or two colours.
• The top of a two-coloured hat can be knit in the contrast colour after transferring to every other needle.
• Stitch Pattern 2 (hat on the right): Card 1 locked on Row 1; 3 rows set to slip and 1 row set to knit, repeat for body of hat; 1 colour; knit only 102 (110, 122) rows before beginning the top of the hat.

© Eileen Montgomery 2010

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