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Snowmen Tree Ornaments


My Snowman Family pattern is also available under Freebies.

This is a fun project to learn to use your garter bar to increase and decrease across the row. Then you can have the fun of decorating the snowmen any way you want. However use care when decorating if you intend to allow small children to play with your snowmen.

Size: 9 (11.5) cm; 3.25" (4.25).
Materials: 15 g of 4-ply acrylic for the standard gauge and stuffing. If using a mid-gauge, use an appropriate yarn and follow these instructions to knit slightly larger snowmen.
Machine: Samples were knit on a standard gauge with several 4-ply acrylics with an approximate gauge of 7.25 sts and 10 rows. Differences in gauge are not important.

• RC000. Weaving cast on 21 (26) sts.
• Knit to RC6 (8). Increase to 28 (34) sts by removing on a garter bar and rehanging 2 sts, *skip a needle, hang 3 sts* across the bed. Pick up bars to fill the empty needles.
• Knit 18 (22) rows to RC24 (30). Decrease to 21 (26) sts **by transferring every fourth stitch to next needle, remove on the garter bar and rehang on fewer needles.**
• Knit 12 (14) rows to RC36 (44). Decrease to 16 (20) sts as given ** to **.
• Knit 4 (6) rows to RC40 (50). Cut the yarn and take the stitches off with a tapestry needle.
• Gather the bottom and mattress stitch halfway up. Stuff the bottom. Mattress seam the rest of the seam and stuff before gathering the top.
• Decorate your snowman with anything you desire: pompoms, buttons, embroidery, paints, ribbons; glue or sew on ornaments.
• Make a hanger to hang your snowmen from the tree or attach to a gift.

© Eileen Montgomery 2002

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