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Table-top Tree Skirt


The sample was knit with 4-ply acrylic on a standard gauge with a tension of 7 sts x 10 rows per inch. It was knit in 8 panels working from the inside edge to the outer edge. The sample was finished with a small trim sewn around the edges and snowflakes glued in place.

Note that any patterning will need to be knit upside-down. It will be easier to knit any patterning in the first 4 panels. Fairisle is not suitable for this project but single motifs work well.

Note that there are many finishing options: small hems could be worked on one or both edges, the pie crust edging could be worked after the skirt is joined together, braids could be sewn around, etc. Angelhair could be added to the yarn for sparkle. Knit or fabric appliques could be added. Fabric paints or machine embroidery could be used.

Size: 45 cm (18") in diameter with a 10 cm (4") hole in the centre.

Eyelet Panel: knit 4 eyelet panels first.
• *COR, RC000. Crochet CO over 12 sts. Knit 1 row and weave in the tail. Knit 1 more row.*
• COR, RC002. With a 2-prong tool, increase by moving the 2 edge sts out by 1 ndl on both sides, leaving the empty ndls in WP. Work increase/eyelet every 4 rows to RC072, ending with 2 knit rows. 48 sts in WP. Bind off.

Joining Panel: knit 4.
• Repeat * to * as for the eyelet panels.
• RC002. The eyelets are picked up on the side of the panel opposite carriage. Hold the first panel with the narrow edge down and the wrong side facing you. #Insert a 2-prong transfer tool through the first eyelet. With the same tool, remove the 2 edge sts of the piece being knit. Manipulate the fabric over the sts being held by the transfer tool. With the fabric below the sts, rehang the 2 sts by moving over 1 needle to increase. Leave the empty needle in WP. Knit 1 row and repeat on the right edge with a second panel. Knit 3 rows.# Watch that an eyelet is being formed by each join, if not you forgot to increase. Continue # to # to RC072. Bind off.

• Sew in yarn tails. Finish the edges as desired. Block the completed skirt.
• Decorate as desired.

© Eileen Montgomery 2008

Note a floor sized version of this tree skirt is in 'Christmas Crafts' which has 21 patterns for wonderful decorations for the holidays.

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