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Tuck Punchcard Afghans

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Anne Alexander of Wallaceburg, Ontario sent this punchcard design for a tuck stitch afghan with small 1x1 tuck stitch borders. This is similar to the tuck afghan in the DAK section but especially for punchcard knitters. As I love my punchcard machine, I am grateful for her contribution.

This punchcard can be used to knit three sizes of afghans with no hand finishing needed. So they are quick and easy for gifts or charity knitting.

Size: approx. 36" (25, 20.5) square; 91 cm (52, 64).
Materials: 260 g of 4 ply acrylic for the largest size and 88 g for the smallest [9 (3) oz].
Note: 2 cones of Bramwell 4 ply knit 3 large and 1 small size.
Machine: Standard gauge.
Tension: 7.
Gauge: not important.

Punchcards: print out and punch your cards as necessary. If you need to punch out Card 1, the 1x1 card, make it at least 36 rows long so the card will rotate. Punch two repeats of the tuck design. Do not forget to punch two rows at the top and bottom of each card you punch.

Note: If using a Brother electronic with DAK7, you may need to use the KHC button with this pattern.

• Cast on over L98-R99 (L74-R75, L74-51) needles with waste yarn and ravel cord.
• Crochet cast on with the main yarn.
• Knit 1 row to the left, then 1 to the right memorizing Card 1.
• Set the carriage to tuck and the row counter to 000. Knit to RC30 (20) for the bottom border.
• Memorize the tuck punchcard and knit 530 (322, 258) rows to RC560 (342, 278).
• Memorize Card 1 again and knit 30 (20) rows for the top border to RC590 (362, 298).
• Knit 1 row as loose as possible and crochet bind off (or bind off around the gate pegs).
• Sew in the 2 yarn tails and block to size.

© Eileen Montgomery 2002

tuckpc2 card1

Anne's tuck design on the left and Card 1 above

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