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December 27, 2016

We are about to start a New Year for which we have the best wishes and intentions. The first thing to do is clean all your knitting machines thoroughly so they are ready for the year's knitting ahead. Instructions for cleaning machines is on the Cardiknits web site. While you are there please check out the Book and Disc sales lists. Cardiknits has now closed due to Pat's well earned retirement but we still have inventory that we need to pass on. So please have a look at

I have not retired so as soon as we've passed the Cardiknits inventory on and I have cleaned my machines I will be back knitting and teaching.

Copyright Information

My books and all demonstration handouts are copyrighted and can not be reproduced. However you are free to give the items you knit from my instructions as gifts, to charity causes, and/or sell them as you wish.


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